Texas Congressional Delegation Not Clear On President's Plan

Both U.S. Senators and the U.S. Congressman that represents most of North Texas sounded off Tuesday after President Barack Obama made his case to America about the U.S. involvement in NATO operations in Libya.

U.S. Senator John Cornyn of Texas released this statement;

"When our men and women in uniform are sent into harm's way, Americans and troops deserve a clear mission from our commander-in-chief, not a speech nine days late. President Obama failed to explain why he unilaterally took our nation to war without bothering to make the case to the U.S. Congress. And now he's splitting the difference-telling us Gaddafi must go, but refusing to do what it takes to remove him. The American people, members of Congress, and our service members deserve more than this overture. I will most certainly keep our American troops in my thoughts and prayers, and I plan to raise my concerns during this week's Armed Services Committee hearings."

U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison released this statement;

"I am extremely hesitant to place American troops in harm's way and intervene in another country's civil war unless there are vital U.S. national security interests at stake.

"Certainly, we want to help citizens of oppressed nations help themselves as they fight a despotic government, but the line must be drawn at America leading the effort to topple a dictatorship.

"With the U.S. currently involved in Afghanistan, Iraq, and providing large scale humanitarian assistance in Japan, it does not diminish our standing in the world for someone else to take the lead in Libya. Sharing the responsibility with NATO and other allies is the prudent course, and I hope we'll see our allies continue to step up and provide the lion's share of the military effort. It is equally important that other Arab nations participate. It is not enough for them to give permission or make statements of support. The stable Arab nations should take the lead in their sphere to promote responsible solutions."

We spoke with District 13 U.S. Congressman Mac Thornberry this afternoon on the phone from Washington and he told us that he was impressed with one part of the President's speech.

"I thought he put the best face he could on the humanitarian aspect of the mission, but as far as where we go from here; how long we'll be there, how we'll know when it is when we get there, how much it will cost. I didn't hear any of those answers," said Congressman Thornberry.

He also told us he would like to see the Commander in Chief be a little bit more selective in the battles he chooses to fight.

"I also believe that our military cannot go and stop brutal dictators anywhere in the world. That we have to narrow the focus to where vital U.S. interests are at stake, and we have to have a clear mission what we're there to accomplish. Again I don't think the President answered all of those questions last (Monday) night," said Congressman Thornberry.