Leap Lands 375-Pound Shark In Texas Fishing Boat

FREEPORT, Texas (AP) - An unplanned catch damaged a Texas fishing boat and left the captain with an amazing story about the 375-pound shark that didn't get away.

Jason Kresse on Tuesday told The Associated Press it was "unreal" to see an 8-foot Mako shark jump into his 25-foot boat and flop around for hours before dying. A forklift was used to unload the shark Monday when the boat docked in Freeport, 55 miles south of Houston.

Kresse and two crewmen were fishing for red snapper, 50 miles into the Gulf of Mexico. He says fish guts were dumped into the water and the shark apparently went into a frenzy, launching itself
into the boat.

Nobody was hurt. The shark will be displayed at a seafood company.