Fire Breaks Out Close To Last Week's Blaze

Fire officials say there was evidence of "transient activity" involved in a vacant home early this morning.

Wichita Falls Fire Marshal David Collins reported the fire began at the structure in the 2400 block of Avenue D near Fillmore around 9 a.m. Neighbors told authorities they had seen people going in and out of the home over the past few weeks.

Over a dozen firefighters battled that blaze, and luckily no injuries were reported. Crews say the estimated damage is around $20,000.

Authorities believe the fire was not intentionally set, but it may be connected to a transient attempting to stay warm during the cold temperatures.

This fire was also close to the location of another fire located on Taylor Street.

Newschannel 6 is still digging for answers about the initial cause of that blaze and if possible arson is involved. To read about that fire, click here for the details.