Putting A Stop To Child Abuse... One Pinwheel At A Time

In honor of Child Abuse Awareness Month, Patsy's House Advocacy Center is planting pinwheels at a local establishment, each pinwheel representing a victim of child abuse in Wichita County in 2010.

This afternoon, members of the Center placed 1,340 pinwheels at Patterson Honda to bring attention to the public to the staggering number of reported abuse cases.

Patsy's House Children's Advocacy Center, Inc. helps seek healing and justice for abused children. Each time justice is achieved, the benefits are immeasurable, bringing hope and a brighter future for each child victim and for the community who opens its hearts to them.

A $20.00 gift to Patsy's House will remove a pinwheel from the corner. Their goal is to remove all the pinwheels during the month of April, and through this, you can help end the cycle of child abuse, one pinwheel at a time.