City Spends $3M To Rehab Roads

The Wichita Falls City Council has moved forward on plans to improve roads around Wichita Falls. The council awarded a close to $3 million bid to Zack Burkett Company for a major road project. City Public Works Director Russell Schreiber says the expectations are high. "Improvement in the roadway surface, ride quality, just general improvement of the streets," he said.

The bulk of that $2.7 million comes from street department funds, some of it is coming from the 4-b sales tax board and a small amount from other departments that will benefit from it. Ten streets in Wichita Falls will get a facelift. "I think you'll see an impact," said Schreiber.

It's called the 2011 street rehabilitation project. Here is the list of the 10 streets in Wichita falls that will get a facelift;

Barnett Road from Johnson Road to Southwest Parkway

Professional Drive from Highway 79 to city limits

Avenue K from Santa Fe Street to Kemp Boulevard

Harding Street from Thompson Road to Linda Lane

Scott Street from 8th Street to 13th Street (4b funds)

Hatton Road from Jacksboro Highway to Henry S. Grace Freeway

Maplewood Avenue from Midwestern Parkway to Southwest Parkway

Lamar Street from 8th Street to 13th Street (4b funds)

Virginia Street from Walnut Street to Jalonick Street

30th Street from Jacksboro Highway to Armory Road

W. Arrowhead Dr (lake arrowhead) from Boat Ramp Road to Northwest 1,200 Feet

Rosemont Cemetery 1,463 feet

Robert Gragg has been selling cars from his lot in Downtown Wichita Falls since he got out of the Military in 1947. One of the streets that will be fixed, Lamar, runs right in front of his car lot. Gragg is happy with the idea. "Some of these streets have been here a long time," he said.

Gragg is worried slightly that customers will have a hard time getting into his lot while the construction is ongoing. "I depend on that traffic for my business here," said Gragg.

Schreiber says it will not be a problem. "Traffic would still be allowed to cross, we would not block the entrances to businesses or anything like that," said Schreiber.

Paul Harrop, Newschannel 6