A Celebration of Life for Texoma Soldier and Sister

After spending a year deployed in Afghanistan a Texoma soldier is finally home.

Staff Sergeant Tres Beisch came back to the United States last month, but family and friends held off, just a bit, on his welcome home party.

They celebrated at Leal's Mexican Restaurant in Iowa Park Sunday, but it was much more than a soldiers welcome home party.  It was a celebration of life.

A welcome home couldn't be complete without the Patriot Guard, those men and women were the first to greet Staff Sergeant, Tres Beisch.  He has been deployed overseas four times in the middle east, but this last trip was different, bad news hit him, from where he least expected it, the home front.

"I knew my sister was struggling, it's a big ordeal, I can only imagine what she is going through," he said.

In September breast cancer struck his sister Mandy Berry.  The cost of treatment skyrocketed and Tres wanted to help her, so instead of making the celebration just for him, it was also about his sister.  The family threw a food fundraiser and businesses across the area donated items to auction off, all the money raised will go to Mandy and the cost for treatment.

"I just hope I'm able to give back to everybody who has given their time and their money," she said.

As a soldier Tres has seen things most Americans will never witness and he continues to fight a battle for our country, but hat is a fight fought with other soldiers, he says it's not comparable to his sisters struggle.

"I knew my sister would have to go through this by herself, this support is one thing but this is a fight, an individual fight."

Dozens upon dozens of people ate, bid on items, supporting the Beisch family and most importantly they gave their thanks to the soldier risking his life for you.
"We're thankful for all he has done, those kids go over there and they give their lives for us to keep people from coming over here and doing these awful things," said family friend Kathy Papp.

Mandy says she is doing much better in her treatment, all her results are now coming back positive.  She has finished chemo and began her radiation.

Tres says he will be deploying again, but is uncertain on when he leaves.

Crystal Hall News Channel 6.