Scholarships Up For Grabs For Home Building Trade

There's money up for grabs in Texoma.  For the second year in a row, the North Texas Home Builders Association is looking for young people who dream of building quality homes.  The money is meant to urge young people to take up building trades.

"We know that those young men and women could use some money to get through their college, and we're trying to get those funds into their pockets," said NTHBA member Wayne Mansur.

He says there aren't as many skilled laborers in the industry as there were years ago, and nowadays, many of them are undervalued.

"Sometimes we take for granted our plumbers, our electricians, our framers, and what not," he said.

 "There's 20 tradesmen that have to come in and build a single house.  We need 'em all," said contractor Doug McCulloch.

Scholarships totaling $10,000 will go to people who graduated high school in the Wichita Falls area and want to study any trade involved in the home construction industry.  At least five students will share the money, but the association could select as many as 10.  McCulloch says those tradesmen will reduce construction delays.

"A contractor like myself will have to wait for the right guy to be freed up from another project and a lot of times your home owners don't want to wait," he said.

Mansur has already spoken with school counselors about the scholarships, which are in part funded by money made from the upcoming Parade of Homes. He wants high school and college students throughout the community to apply.

"They can earn a good income, but they can build a good home.  Both of those things have to go hand in glove to build the type of homes we expect in our societies," he said.

"We want intelligent people working on the homes of the future and the homes of today," McCulloch said.

The NTHBA will continue to fund the scholarships as long as the recipients stay in school and remain in a building trade.

To apply, print the application from the NTHBA website.

Spencer Blake, Newschannel 6