Data Breach Could Spell Trouble for Consumers

Monday, Newschannel 6 informed you that the Epsilon data breach may have given hackers access to your personal information.  Now, several companies have started to contact their customers, alerting them that their information has been compromised.  People in the community are already receiving these emails and you need to keep an eye on your email account and a tight grip on your personal information.  This attack is extraordinary because so many major companies were compromised.  This means your inbox could be filled with emails from people you may think you know, but are actually from the people trying to steal your information.

Hackers have been very clever when sending these fake emails.  Hackers will try anything to make an email look as authentic as possible to get your information.  You can potentially receive an infected email from a family member, cousin, or friend.  Hackers try every avenue.

Best Buy, Chase, and The Home Shopping Network are among the few organizations that got hacked this weekend.  These companies use Epsilon, an email marketing firm for their customer communication, which was the system that got hacked into.

The information that was obtained was only limited to email addresses.  The majority of the compromised companies have already started sending emails to their customers explaining the issue and reassuring them their financial information is still secure.  If you get any suspicious emails asking for any additional personal information, do not reply.

Tonight we have learned how to tell the difference between one of these phony emails and the real thing.

An example of a phishing email can be viewed here.

Click here to view an example of a letter from a company explaining a security breach.

Natalie Garcia, Newschannel 6