Clues In Surveillance Footage Lead To Suspect

A man accused of stealing $8 from a convenience store is facing charges.

Trey James Wakefield, 22, has been charged with Robbery. Wichita Falls Police said Wakefield entered the 7-11 at Ave K and Grant at 3:15 a.m. on Saturday, March 19th. Police said he looked around for a few minutes then went to the counter. Police said Wakefield reached across the counter and grabbed an employee by her apron collar. Police said he shook the employee and demanded she give him money. The victim was able to open the register and handed over eight bucks.

Police said Wakefield could be seen on surveillance video. They said they recognized a hat Wakefield was wearing as one commonly worn by employees of a fast food franchise. The manager of the store confirmed Wakefield was an employee.

Police said when questioned Wakefield admitted to stealing the money.