1st Class of Non-commission Officer's Graduate

The first class of NCO's or Non-Commission Officers graduated from Team Sheppard's Officer Academy Thursday.

Chief Master Sergeant Stephen Mihal told Newschannel 6 how the class exceeded his expectations, and how happy he was with the support received throughout the program. He told us, "This class was better than what I expected. It was pretty seem-less, quite frankly. The 82nd training wing did a great job supporting them, Sheppard NCO Academy".

The NCO's are required to complete this five and a half week course to enhance their skills. The goal of the academy is to improve the mid-level management skills of staff sergeants and technical sergeants so they can become better supervisors and effectively handle everyday situations. Air force Colonel Stewart Brice told Newschannel 6 just how great Sheppard fit what they needed for the program.  "The Sheppard Air force Base mission being an education in training mission, that was a good fit. And then of course, the Wichita Falls community, you know the relationship between Sheppard and Wichita Falls is fantastic". He was delighted with the facilities and base Sheppard provided.

There are 11 NCO Academies throughout the Air Force, seven in the U.S. and four overseas.