Sheppard Conference Held To Help Military Spouses

Military spouses gathered today at Sheppard Air Force Base for a conference to review several available programs for military families.

The conference workshop focused on educating new and old military spouses about the various on-base programs, including Tricare benefits, Commissary changes, and programs at the Base-Exchange. Spouses also answered each other's specific questions about the military lifestyle.

Doreen Burke, wife to Bridagier General Darryl Burke, hosted the conference. She spoke with Newschannel 6 about the benefits of the workshop to the newer military spouses. "We have a great support system here to help military families be able to cope. We're essentially one big family here to help each other and reach out to each other. We just want to let new spouses know what, that they are not alone."

Burke says when dealing with military life, new spouses often find it harder to cope with deployment and adjusting to new locations.