Crews Stand Ready Should a Wildfire Spark

The severe fire threat continues in Texoma.  Newschannel 6 spoke with the Bowman Volunteer Fire Department and the Wichita Falls Fire Department and both have crews on standby.

They say they have been very fortunate because there has not been a severe fire in Wichita or Archer counties, but the possibility of one is there.

"With the way everything is so dry right now anything could happen as far as the fire danger goes," said Bowman Volunteer Fire Captain John Strenski.

Strenski says things were calm Sunday, but Saturday things were much different.

"We responded to a mutual aid call in Wichita County.  We had an immediate four men that were able to respond and one standby at the station," he said.

The call came from Electra and luckily it didn't cause much damage.  Battalion Chief Mike Davis of the Wichita Falls Fire Department says things have been calm, a few responses to small fires recently, but nothing severe.

"With all the high winds, high humidity, low temperatures, it's been pretty calm people are being very careful out there," he said.

He is thankful for that but realizes that any minute a small spark can create a whirlwind of a fire.  The department has four mini pumpers used specifically to battle raging wildfires, now they're sitting but at any minute the sirens can come on and the truck can be long

"The fire will travel faster than you can so there is always an extreme fire danger when you have those conditions," said Battalion Chief Davis.

Departments from around the area remain on standby should anything light up.

Chief Davis says people need to be careful if you drive a vehicle in your yard.  An engine exhaust can cause easily cause a fire when conditions are so