Montague Co. Fugitive Back On U.S. Soil

Newschannel 6 is now getting word that a fugitive from Montague Co. has returned to the U.S. after fleeing across the Mexican border.

Former Montague County Jail inmate Jose Fuentes was arrested April 6th on 14 counts from four separate indictments from February 2009. Authorities say they found Fuentes at a Bowie WalMart, that's when they placed him in custody.

Officials believe Fuentes was involved in a major jail scandal that brought down Former Sheriff Bill Keating on state and federal charges. The scandal also secured the arrests of nine jailers, five inmates, and two others jailed on a variety of charges.

The bond for Fuentes was set at $70,000. Authorities say he has since bonded out.

Newschannel 6 will continue to follow the latest developments and release any new information as soon as it becomes available.