Local Hangout Spot in Jacksboro Burns Down

The residents of Jacksboro have one less place to gas up and eat at.   An accidental shortage last Friday caused a fire to rip through the Kwick Stop on U.S. Highway 281.  Flames burned the popular joint to the ground and residents are devastated. The Kwik Stop gas station and restaurant have been open for nearly 40 years and now everyone in the community is missing the local hangout. Residents gathered everyday for breakfast and lunch calling it their home-away-from-home.

Owner Chris Malloy watched helplessly while his gas station burned to the ground.  It took six fire trucks and nearly 40 firefighters to contain the flames.  Firefighters said the heat was way to much for them to handle and that they could not even enter the building.  Firefighters are saying it was an accidental structure fire that started at the back of the building when an extension cord shorted out.

The owners were thankful that no employees were harmed in the fire. Owner Chris Maloy is handling things as calmly as possible and told me today that he plans to start renovations very soon.  Firefighters we able to save the building right next door to the Kwik Stop and that's where he plans to open his new store.

Natalie Garcia, Newschannel 6