Fire in Electra

There were three fires Monday in the areas of Lake Diversion, Burkburnett, and Electra. One of those blazes was caught just in time. It sparked on County Line Road about six miles north of Electra. No one was hurt thanks to a neighbor who called emergency crews before any major damage could occur.

The Chief of the Electra volunteer fire department tells us they are not clear on how this fire started. The landowner Leon Rushky, also has no idea how flames sparked; he says it scared him when he saw all the smoke. Rushky's neighbor Jon Roth says, "My sister was the one who discovered it. She was outside smelled the smoke, and she found it. And called 911, got the fire department."

The fire department arrived in time to extinguish the fire, and everyone was safe. Rushky says the damage could have been a lot worse. Fortunately, his neighbor prevented this fire from becoming disastrous. There is a fire weather watch across Texoma tonight. If you see or smell a fire, call 911 immediately.