3.5 Million Texans At Risk For Identity Theft

A security breach has left more than 3 million lone star residents at risk for identity theft.

The state's comptroller says social security numbers, birth dates and driver's license numbers were placed on a computer server available to the public.  

The mistake affects two million Texans who filed for unemployment insurance between December 31, 2006 and the same date in '09.

A spokesperson for Comptroller Susan Combs says the information was not encrypted as it should have been and was placed in a public folder by human error.

The comptroller's office found out about the slip up on March 31st.  
They notified the attorney general a week later.

The AG's office is investigating now along with forensics investigators from the FBI.

Comptroller Combs said in a statement Monday she's angry and deeply regrets what happened... but does not believe any of the personal information was misused, and she says -- it won't ever happen again.