Crack Down on Drunk Driving

Texas roads and highways could become a little safer for you to drive on.  Today two bills were heard by the Texas house of representatives Regarding the crack down on drunk drivers in our state.

This would put another dent in our states expenses, although, if these two bills do move forward, drunk drivers will be looking at much harsher laws on the roads.  Here in Texoma, there are mixed feelings but keeping our streets safe from drunk drivers is always a constant battle. An incident unfortunately we see time and time again.

The two bills that were brought forth to the Texas house of representatives today would mandate the installation of breathalyzers in the cars of first time drunk driver offenders.  The other bill would allow police to set up sobriety checkpoints through out the state of Texas.

Lawmakers haven't decided yet on whether these two bills will move forward, But implementing the laws would come with a price. These bills would put more strain on our local police and highway patrol, and more man power patrolling the streets means longer hours and more money.  But some residents feel the cost is worth saving a life.

The month of April is Alcohol Awareness Month and if you or your family would like to join in on raising awareness, you have a chance to this weekend.  Serenity House and Kohl's will be host an event Saturday April 16th from noon to 3:00pm at the Kohl's parking lot.  There will be activities for the entire family, including door prizes, watching drunk driving simulations and much more.

Natalie Garcia, Newschannel 6