High Gas Prices Impacting Non-profit Agencies

The rising cost of gas has been making a major impact on Texoma families.  The Energy Information Administration estimates the average household will pay more than $3,000 this year in gas alone. Those surging gas prices are impacting our Non-profit agencies.

Many have already been cut by state funding and others rely on your donations alone. Disaster Helping Hands is an agency that helps families in the wake of a disaster is scraping to get by.

Disaster Helping Hands Director Leon Green helps relieve families in Wichita Falls that have gone through disasters like tornados, grass fires, floods, hurricanes, and fires. He brings them anything from refrigerators to chairs, any essential item in a home that families without might need.

Green says, "We made two trips to that area that was Pine Bluff because of the numerous tornados that took place in 2007. We also went to King Fisher, Oklahoma 50 miles north, and 30 miles west of Oklahoma City. We went to help those families following a big flood as a result of hurricane era going through Wichita Falls".

Green has been hit hard by the increasing cost of gas. He uses his U-Haul as storage, and to pick up and deliver donations. Also, he uses his personal vehicle, paying out of pocket for gas, to pick up smaller items.

"Our biggest problem right now is picking up the smaller items. Normally I would use, in order to pick up washer and dryer, I would use my personal vehicle and that helps save the expense cranking up a U-Haul truck to go pick up a small item. Any help that could be given to help those costs we'd really appreciate it." said Green.

As long as the cost of gas keeps rising, Green fears it's going to be harder to help Texoma families who need a helping hand. He has been fundraising for Disaster Helping Hands for the last two years, and the operation runs solely on donations.

They collect donations at locations such as Walmart and Sam's. Either there will be jars with the "Disaster Helping Hands" label on it, or Mr. Green himself will be there passing out brochures and collecting donations at the entrance. He has already collected $106,046, and hopes to raise up to $150,000 to establish a storage facility for Disaster Helping Hands items that go to family.

You can help by mailing donations to P.O. Box 1891 in Wichita Falls.

Green also says anyone that can donate a truck would be greatly appreciated to contribute to Helping Hands Deliveries.  You can see their recently established website by clicking on this link: http://www.disasterhelpinghands.org/