Fire Burns One Apartment Unit, Three Others Receive Damage

Around 4PM Tuesday afternoon firefighters were called to the 1300 block of Bell street.  A quadplex caught fire.

Melvin Hall was inside the burning building with his family cooking dinner.  Hall lives inside one of the units.

"I looked out the front door and saw there was smoke so I grabbed my family and we came outside," he said.

"When I got my little boy from school, I came back I saw a big fire, it concerned me," said nearby resident Rosalia Acuna.

Twenty firefighters rushed to put it out.  The damage created could be fixed with money, approximately $25,000 in damage was done to the top unit, two others received minor damage.

Hall counts himself lucky, "There is no damage done to our apartment, so I guess our apartment is okay."

Three units remain unoccupied after the fire and all the individuals who were living there are receiving assistance from the Red Cross.

Officials do not know the cause of the fire, but say there appears to be nothing suspicious about it.  No on was injured, it is still under investigation.