Three Suspects Facing Burglary Charges

Two Texoma men and a juvenile face several burglary charges.

Deputies recovered several items they believe were stolen from inside Wichita Falls city limits by three suspects. Deputies recovered 2 Garmin GPS systems, 1 Tom Tom GPS system, 80GB Apple iPod, among other items.

The owners told deputies, they went to get in their vehicle on the morning of March 11 and realized their vehicles had been burglarized.

Also on March 11, police found Brandon Sewell Jr., 18, and Johnathan Foix, 20, in possession of a generator. Upon interview, they claimed the generator was given to them by a family member and they were trying to sell it.

Then three days later, a man reported that a generator was stolen from a home he was remodeling, one block from where the three suspects were questioned earlier about the generator.

The person who originally reported the suspects with the generator said they saw the them lift the item out of a drainage ditch near a street in the neighborhood where the generator was reported stolen. The theft occurred on the same street on the same day that the car burglaries occurred.

All are charged with three counts of Burglary of a Vehicle and one count Burglary of a Building.