Kamay Fire: Millions of Dollars in Damage

Kamay was just one of many areas that saw a hard hit, more than 8,000 acre as have burned more than a dozen homes with million of dollars in damage, the flames are still not tamed.

"It started out we saw a grass fire out back," said homeowner Jim Stevens.  "The Sheriff's Office told us we need to get out of here."

On Friday Stevens and his wife said goodbye to their home and belongings one last time.

"I sat down at the intersection of FM 368 and 367 and watched the smoke and watched it
engulf the house here."

He thought it was gone, turned to nothing but rubble and ashes, but a closer
look later that evening told him otherwise.  His home unlike his neighbors was salvaged.

"We were really blessed, we tried to keep it mowed down here and the trees trimmed," he said.  "I guess that helped a lot."

Down the road on FM 367 a check point is set up to keep everything under control and everyone out except those who live in the area and firefighters working to tame the flames.
"In addition to that we have investigators going house to house to get an estimate on damages," said Deputy Melvin Joyner.

"The fire is two fold.  The fire is actually being pushed by the winds and it makes it more difficult to fight the fire," said Richard Gibbs with the Texas Forest Service.

In total more than $8,000 acres burned and almost two dozen homes lost in and around Kamay.  A fire that continues to erupt charring whatever it gets a hold of.

The officials recorded damages are below.

Old Electra Road:  4 Houses, 4 Mobile Homes.  Lose value $900,000.

FM 367:  3 Houses, 3 Mobile Homes.  Lose value $1.3 million.

Kamay Headquarters Road:  8 Structures three were mobile homes.  Lose value $135,000.

367:  Vehicles & barns.  Loss value $662,000.

FM 171:  1 House, 1 Mobile Home, 22 Vehicles, 1 Pick-up Camper, Metal Storage Container, Metal Building, 1 Mobile Trailer Office.  No estimate.

Charlie Circle:  Old Bus, Shop Building, Fencing, Shed and Contents ($2,500), 2 Sheds and fences ($2,000), and Old House.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.