Fire Damage in Electra and Kamay

Texoma fire crews have been fighting fires all over the area and the Electra and Kamay crews have seen some severe fire damage within the past few days.  In Electra fire crews say flames damaged three homes this weekend and close by in Kamay, crews say two homes and several barns burned to the ground.

These extreme temperatures and high winds have been every firefighters worst nightmare.  Fire crews in Electra and Kamay know it all to well, between the two cities a total of 10 fires were fought by fire crews throughout the weekend. Also, including a fire that burned this morning just outside Kamay.  Its out now, but crews are still on standby just in case it starts up again, something all residents in the community are thankful for.

Fire crews have been working tirelessly on only a few hours of sleep, if not fighting a fire in their designated area, Fighting a fire in a nearby county. Residents are doing all they can do to help crews out.  Fire officials say some residents have stopped by the station to drop off food and water.

Kamay fire crews say they had some property damage over the weekend, two homes and several barns burned to the ground. Berry Tyler, Kamay's  Fire Chief, says the city is looking at about 140 thousand dollars in fire damage.

Firefighters are asking that unless you see a column of smoke, or flames do not call 911.  There is a lot of smoke and haze in the sky right now, and they cannot investigate every call.

Natalie Garcia, Newschannel 6