Fires Continue in Jack County

A fire near Bryson has been burning for days. This one actually started in Young County, but flames know no boundaries. Evacuations were still in place Monday night.

Firefighters are working to put out the PK West fire, but it is expected to continue spreading.

Texas Forest Service Public Information Officer Carrie Smith says, "The PK west fire is still going on. It's very actively burning. It's making a push to the East of this time. And so crews are taking up areas to work on that."

Evacuation plans will come into play if the fire passes Highway 337. The Bryson fire is 50% contained and firefighters continue to work on hot spots.

Jacksboro firefighter James Bailey told us the Bryson fire is in Cement Mountain and Rock Creek. So far there aren't any injuries reported, and the only damage as of now is charred grass. But that isn't stopping officials from being prepared.

Bryson Mayor Assistant Sheila Burgwell says, "We have an evacuation plan in the works, If it comes to that. And an evacuation plan for the school. Jacksboro has set up the Twinlakes Activity Center at Jacksboro to be available for anyone who doesn't already have somewhere to go."

Smith said the Bryson fire has affected approximately 10,000 acres. She said the fire started from a tree falling across the power line causing it to spark.

The fire in PK West is affecting about 50,000 acres and continues growing. 30 structures, including two churches, have been lost due to this fire. State and Federal firefighters from as far away as California, and our local volunteer departments, are working around the clock to get this fire cleared.

Officials have a command center set up between Bryson and Graham at the baseball field on Highway 380.Residents can go there for information. We will alert you if any evacuations are ordered.

Jessica Abuchaibe, Newschannel 6.