Community Steps in for Young County

As the fire burns in Young County the community is coming together, providing food and shelter for those in need.

With more than 300 mouths to feed daily, it's taking a lot of support to do so, but they're managing.

A Graham resident of 14 years Monica Buchanan is volunteering her time; helping to feed the men fighting on the front lines.  She is also responsible for opening up the building used to feed the men and women.

"Brings a tear to my eye that the outpour of support is just phenomenal," said Buchanan.

Every day and every hour someone stops by to drop off a new bag of food.  It is now piling up inside and outside.

"We've got the basic necessities, chap stick, food to get those guys back on the field to do what they love," she said.

When they've simply run out of something, a quick call to the radio station for an announcement gives them more than they bargained for.

"The guys came in asking for gloves and I called the radio station and literally within 5 minutes we had boxes of gloves here," said Buchanan.

Help isn't just coming from the command center.  An employee of a local Graham business lost their home and Spa Bella owner Dawn Thompson wanted to help so she posted a comment on facebook asking for donations.

"You will not believe the people who came through in our community, water, visine, anything that we needed they were there with it," said Thompson.

That seems to be the outcome, when someone is in need the community steps in to help at whatever cost.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.