Drivers Advised to Drive With Caution

Some fires are still blazing through parts of Texas and Texomans need to be very cautious when out on the roads.  Officials say nearly anything you do out there has a potential to start a wildfire, and right now law enforcement is on the lookout for any reckless behavior that can be hazardous.

Deputies cannot stress it enough, they want all drivers to be cautious and observant when out on the roads.  Anything at this point can potentially catch on fire in this heat, like throwing a lit cigarette but on the ground.  It doesn't take much to spark a fire.

Some might say taking the common sense approach is easier said than done, but most citizens never think that they can potentially be at risk of starting a wildfire.  Deputies have been out patrolling the roads trying to stop a fire before it begins.  They are wanting citizens to be extra cautious because almost anything we do can cause a real fire hazard.

Law enforcement says throwing cigarette buts out your window is a big no-no.  They also say driving on a flat tire that causes sparks, or pulling over into high grass or brush can all be a fire hazard on the road, especially in this dry humid weather.  Many Texomans are getting the message that everyone needs to be careful.

Throwing cigarettes out car windows is considered littering in Texas.  It is also a Class-C Misdemeanor and could cost you anywhere from $500 to $1,000.  Law enforcement says any violators will be given citations.

Officials say there are other fire risks in Texoma right now.  They say welders need to be cautious when using a cutting torch.  They also advise residents in rural areas not to burn trash.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6