Honoring Tim Donley

Wednesday marks the 1 year anniversary of a day that shocked and forever changed Texoma.

On April 20, 2010 a lone gunman injured 4 people, and killed one in a shooting rampage in Wichita Falls.

The one whose life was lost was Timothy Donley, his mother, Sallye Donley Whitsitt has stayed in touch with Newschannel 6 over the last year.

In honor of her son's life, she has shared with us photos of Tim and letters of support that got her through the darkest hours.

In the first letter a Texoma mother writes "This letter is written to you with gratitude to your son, Tim, my hero. You see my daughter, Lindsey, and her friend Shanna, (my future daughter in law) were sitting at the very first small table for two right inside of Toby's that night. Had your son Tim not been exactly where he was, I feel sure that Lindsey and Shanna would have most certainly been his first targets. When they returned the next day to retrieve personal items left behind, they couldn't help but notice the windows above the small table they had hovered under were shot out. My daughter called me around 2 that morning and I fell to my knees thanking Jesus for sparing their lives, and I prayed for my hero's family too. Your son died a hero and a protector. Someday when I get to heaven I will meet your son and get to thank him in person."

The second letter said, "On the night of April 20th, a small group of us had decided to meet at Toby's. I want you to know that I am forever grateful for Tim and the service he provided for not only our country but for the patron's at Toby's on that night. We truly believe he saved many lives, including ours. God bless Tim Donley and The Donley family. I so look forward to shaking his hand and hugging his neck again one day."

Tim proudly served our country in the military and was the youngest of four children.