Graham Church Becomes Home Away From Home

Oak Street Baptist Church in Graham has been transformed into a home away from home for many affected by, or helping those affected by the Firestorm Across Texoma. The fellowship hall has been transformed into a mess hall.  Red Cross workers, fire victims and anyone else that needs it has found rest, friendship and three meals a day within the walls.

For those that can't get to their homes or that don't have them anymore it has also been a place of refuge.

"We're able to bring them in, give them a quiet space, the ability to think through what they need to do next," said Church Elder Knox Bishop. The community help has allowed them to help others.

They called upon local radio stations to get the word out when there was a need to fill. "People were contributing so rapidly and in such huge quantities in some cases we were a little bit afraid to call the radio stations, because the next thing you know there's 5 people at the door with bags of whatever you wanted," said Bishop.

While supplies and materials continue to pour in, the mode is expected to shift in coming days from one of aid to one of relief. "That transition to helping people rebuild is going to require a new kind of help instead of cooking chicken and bringing them down we need people to help rebuild fences, people to help with the restoration of utilities  we need people to help with the fixing of cars."

The efforts are all centered around what Bishop says is a community with deep roots in faith. "We're just trying to be the feet of Jesus in that regard, whatever he wants us to do we'll do."

Paul Harrop, Newschannel 6