Faith Baptist Church Scatter 9,000 Eggs

On Saturday Faith Baptist Church held an egg hunt at Ben Milam Elementary where more than 600 people came out.

Nine thousand eggs were scattered through the grounds, but children not only searched their way looking for the biggest egg, but they participated in an egg toss, egg coloring, craft making, and 3-legged races.

"I think it helps bring more of a community sense to this area, this Faith Village area, and we are P.I.E. With Ben Milam so we like to do anything for their kids in the area not specifically to bring them to our church but just to let them know that we can care as a church," said Faith Brady with Faith Baptist Church.

Food was also served for a price.  All those proceeds will go towards sending church members on a mission trip to Africa.  With the success this event -- you can bet it will be back again next year.