Texas Wildfires Burn More than 1 Million Acres

Wildfires are scorching the lands of Texas burning more than one million acres since the beginning of the year.

Firefighters around the state have had little to no breaks when it comes to fighting the blazes.  West Texas firefighters are working to control a fire in Fort Davis.  It has burned 205,000 acres and is being fought with 300 brave men and women. The good thing is it is 75 percent contained.  Another fire is burning north of San Angelo in Coke County.  That fire has burned 159,000 acres that fire too is 75 percent contained.

The blaze at Possum Kingdom is still ravaging the lands, burning more than 160 homes and charring almost 130,000.  It was previously reported near 150,000 acres but a better mapping of the perimeter reduced that number.

Still many residents are forced out of their homes and it's only 25-percent contained.