Smoke Still Lingers But Spirit in Graham Shines Through

Across the world people are celebrating Easter, spending time with their loved ones.  Here in Texoma Firefighters are doing anything but celebrating as they continue to battle fires raging in our southern counties.

According to a public information officer, the Texas Forest Service asked for help to come their way, what they got was close to 800 men and women helping to not only to fight the flames but to set up shop.  They came from as far away as Oregon, Montana, Virginia, and many other states.  Still there are plenty of local citizens making an impact this Easter holiday.

Jean Adams known around the Barracks as Grandma Jean is a lifelong resident of the town.

"I was born here in '48, I left here in '65 and moved back in '81."

Thirty years later she's here, inside the Young County arena, where she simply does want any grandma would do.

"All these bunks we're putting the bed clothes back on which consists of a towel, a sheet, a pillow case, and a cover," she said.

Grandma Jean wasn't asked to do so, she volunteered the first day of the raging wildfires and instead of  taking Easter Sunday off and spending it with her family she wished them farewell.

"I'm hoping they have good weather on the way home.  I got to see them yesterday for about two hours."

The story is similar to Jim Kirsch, the man who helped prep the grounds for the firefighters.  Kirsch came all the way from Montana and laid out the maps on where to house everyone.  Even though he's sleeping in a cot thousands of miles away from home, he expected a more rocky stay.

"We sometimes put up in fairground in communities we would go too but most of the time we're camped out in some pasture or field somewhere," said Kirsch.  "This establishment we're here in Graham is by far the nicest I've ever been in."

The generosity of the town Kirsch says beats out any others he's set foot on.  It's the Grandma Jeans of Graham.  The many who stop by unannounced and drop off supplies for those brave men and women.  It leaves a lasting impression and not of an Easter spent away from home but one that made them feel at home.