Chubby Pup? One Simple Tip Can Help

Does your dog know the word "treat"? I bet it does. So just how many treats does your dog get on a daily basis? If the answer is several treats a day, it could eventually be racking up a few pounds, which you may have already noticed. By simply setting aside a portion of your doggie's kibble, you can allow for dog biscuits and other treats later. They will never know they are missing those extra bits of kibble at mealtime!

Sticking to this one simple tip can help your pup maintain a healthy weight. And since most dogs are motivated by food, it's an added bonus when you need some leverage to get your dog's attention for any reason. Doggy begging during family mealtime can be an annoyance, and if you give in by feeding your pet table scraps, you could unknowingly be adding several extra pounds to its waistline. But by keeping that small portion of kibble set aside, you can feel free to give your dog something to eat -- without adding to its allotted daily caloric load. Now who's ready for some guilt-free treats?