Nocona Teacher Completes Pre-Trial Diversion

Tammie Jo Mitchell, a Pre-K teacher in Nocona, has been released from a type of probation supervision called pre-trial diversion.

Newschannel 6 talked to Montague County District Attorney Jack McGaughey. McGaughey said Mitchell was put on pre-trial diversion on May 7, 2011 following an arrest on stalking charges. McGaughey said pre-trial diversion is a type of probation for people with no prior record of any kind.

Mitchell was accused of threatening a Nocona parent multiple times. McGaughey said Mitchell had to sign a paper admitting to the offense.

Tammie Mitchell has been a Pre-K teacher in Nocona for nine years. The person who accused her of stalking has children who attend Nocona Elementary.   The parent said the situation was personal, but charges were filed because of concerns their children were at risk.

Court documents date the case back to October of 2010.   Mitchell is accused of barging into the reported victim's home and making threats.    Court documents also said Mitchell tried to run the victim off the road.   The victim also claimed the children were in the car when it happened.