Snakes On The Plain

People that live near Possum Kingdom Lake report seeing a rise in the number of snakes on their property. With damage from the Firestorm Across Texoma widespread, there is a lot of habitat loss. That has forced many animals to seek other places to live and eat.

Young County Extension Agent Brad Morrison says its normal for animals to seek better areas. They should come back to much greener pastures. "In these disturbed areas, the animals will leave for a short while, but the forage quality and the change in habitat and new growth will come right back quickly in increased numbers as compared to what they were," he said.

The area burned in the fire will see a strong re-growth. "We have a tremendous amount of brush that was taken out and an opening up were going to have grasses come back that weren't there previously or haven't been there in years and were going to have a real high quality ecosystem, up in those burned areas. So, its a tough way to get this change, but it does have a lot of positives in the long run."

There are things you can do to make sure that unwanted wildlife does not take over your property. "I'd eliminate any kind of food source that you have outside. You don't want dog food or any kind of things that animals would be attracted to," said Morrison.

Paul Harrop, Newschannel 6