Economy Booming in Bowie

The city of Bowie has waited 25 years to have the money and ability to build a new community center.  Now, that project is coming to life.  Not only will the people of Bowie have a new community center, but there will also be more space for vendors from all over in the Second Monday Trade Day grounds. The new center will be air conditioned; City leaders hope this will further enhance business.

The city of Bowie has a community meeting room downtown, but this new center will be twice the size and is a multifunctional facility.  The center will be open for vendors during the Second Monday Trade Days. But during other days, it will be available to rent for events including chamber banquets, weddings, and summer recreational programs for kids.  The officials say it will enhance the quality of life for Bowie residents.

Bowie Parks and Recreation Chairman Randy West says, "Not only will it enhance the A Second Monday grounds by having a facility that you can operate in, during hot summer or winter, cause the building is going to be air conditioned and cooled, but we're going to be able to lease out the facility to have garden shows, farmer ranch shows, weddings, receptions, numerous things".

The center will also house a fully equipped concession stand, and gym with bleachers and basketball and volleyball courts that the public will be able to use or even rent for tournaments. West says "It's going to generate a lot of activity. We have a lot of activity on Second Monday weekends, when we have the Second Monday, but if we have other events on other weekends, it's obviously going to bring people in to the community where they'll buy gas and groceries ".

Bowie officials expect that the facility's expansion will translate into more dollars for the local economy.  Director of Bowie Parks and Recreation Clyde Johnson says, "It's a family tradition for people to come to the Second Monday. People come from Oklahoma and all over, from the Metroplex. A lot of people come to Bowie".

The expansion project is expected to be complete by late June. Trade days are open the weekend before the Second Monday of every month. More than $2.5 million were needed to expand the center. Some of that money came from the Hotel-Motel tax. The rest came from loans the city of Bowie refinanced.

Jessica Abuchaibe, Newschannel 6.