NFL Players Still Mostly Locked Out Despite Ruling

Dozens of NFL players began to file into their team's training headquarters today following a judge's decision to end the lockout.

Most of those players were allowed in the buildings but were barred from conducting any football activities as the lockout continues to be handled in

The league says players should be "treated with courtesy and respect" if they show up. But the NFL also said it needs "a few days to sort this out" before "football activities" can take
place. At least one team allowed its players to work out.

Meanwhile, the union has told free agents they can contact teams and shop their services, putting pressure on the NFL to set up a free agency system that complies with antitrust laws.

The judge says she will take at least another day to consider whether she should put her order on hold.

In a press conference at Cowboys Stadium, Cowboys Owner and GM Jerry Jones talked about the lockout, saying that he does expect things to be resolved, but that he did not allow players in the building.