WFISD TAKS Testing Results

Texoma students are feeling a bit more stress this time of year because its that time again, TAKS testing is going on in our schools.  Test results are back for the Wichita Falls Independent School District 5th and 8th graders.  When the test results came in, the 5th and 8th graders scored below state average.

I met with Assistant Superintendent Tim Powers and he told me there is a good reason for it. Its been an overwhelming couple of weeks for students, teachers, and parents, but hopes are still high despite the test results.

Its a difficult job especially for the 5th and 8th graders. Students in these two grades are motivated to pass their Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills Tests, because the state requires a passing score for them to be promoted to the next grade. Results from the first preliminary test are in and are slightly below state average.  The reason The Wichita Falls ISD has incorporated its special education students in testing.  The 8th grade passing rate statewide in the reading test is 89 percent.  Wichita Falls ISD students placed below at 86 percent.  The 5th grade passing rate statewide in the reading test is 87 percent. Wichita Falls ISD students placed below at 83 percent. Same goes for the math scores for both grades.  But Mr. Powers says lower test scores now will payoff in the end.

Now that the first of the test results are in, required boot camp tutoring sessions are in place for the students who did not pass the first test. There are also after school or weekend tutoring sessions put on by schools. Teachers are doing everything to help every student succeed.

The Wichita Falls ISD is not the first school district to incorporate special educational students in testing results.  But they do have a higher percentage of special educational students in their school district, that come in from smaller surrounding areas. 5th and 8th graders still have two more tries to pass the TAKS test, once in May and at the end of June.

Natalie Garcia, Newschannel 6