Archer County Expecting More Traffic Due To Wind Farm

The Trinity Hills Wind Farm construction has only been underway for a couple weeks, and already, BP has told Archer County to expect more truck traffic through the area.  Recently officials from both Young and Archer County met with BP officials about the wind farm construction.  That was when Archer County Judge Gary Beesinger found out that each of the 90 wind towers will be shipped in 17 different pieces.  

"Each component requires a separate truck, some of them quite large, so we're gonna have an increased number of traffic comin' down 79, most of it comin' right through Archer," he said.

That means more than 1500 trucks will be coming through the county during the rest of the year. Because vehicle traffic is never an issue in Archer City, the one red light at Main and Center Street might be the only hang-up.

"I'm sure turning one of those things is not gonna be real easy, so they're gonna obviously take up some of the traffic lanes in the other lane.  We're just gonna have to be patient," Beesinger said.

But one small inconvenience likely won't shadow the money people spend in town.  The Wildcat Cafe is planning to make menus to send out to the construction site so people will remember to come try some of their chicken fried steak or homemade desserts.

"We'll try to get the word out and hopefully some of them will come in.  We're able to tell them we're here for them, just to let everybody know we're open for business," said owner Misti Berend.

Abby Abernathy, owner of the Spur Hotel, says he already got a call asking for eight rooms for six months.  He's already too booked for that request, but he will have some rooms available if out-of-towners need them.

"Those workers are gonna be aware of what we have here as far as restaurants, gas stations, and places to stay," Beesinger said.

Those places might also include RV spaces.  But no matter how people get there or how long they stay, Judge Beesinger expects the extra traffic to give a boost to Archer County.  We also asked him about the wear and tear those trucks will have on the roads this year.  Damage repair to Highway 79 will fall primarily to TXDOT.  BP will also be building several of their own roads, which they are required to maintain with the same standards as existing county roads.