Thieves Target Faith Refuge Women's Shelter

Faith Mission is working to finish construction on a new shelter that will cater to homeless single women, mothers and their children.  Volunteers went to the facility in the making and were stunned by what they saw,  and what volunteers found wasn't good.

They found two broken windows, a kicked-in door, and water flooding the entire building and yard.  Staff members are disappointed but say its only one bump in the road on their long awaited successful journey to helping the community of Wichita Falls.

Faith Mission is a temporary homeless shelter and has been open since 1958 and is still going strong.  Marketing Director Becky Browning says, "We have never ever, in all these years had to shut our doors because the men and women in the community, foundations, all the agencies, and organizations, they know the need we have in this community."

Faith Mission is in the middle of adding a new facility called Faith Refuge will solely house the growing number of women, mothers and their children in need. Two weeks ago staff members were shocked to find that someone broke into the new building, still under construction and stole the copper piping causing the entire building and yard to flood over.  After hearing about the news Browning says, "Its discouraging but it will not stop us. Its just a bump in the road, that's one of the seasons of life we have to face."

Despite the obstacles, faith mission is keeping its plans on track expecting the project to be finished in February or March of next year. Faith mission is not funded by Federal or Government money because of its mandatory chapel attendance twice a day.  but workers are grateful for all the kind hearted texomans in the area.

Faith Mission takes men, women, and families in 24 hours a day.  They provide clothing and three meals daily for all members. There is also a number of programs available for rehabilitation.  You can kick off your weekend by attending the Decorator Show House fundraiser off of Kirk Drive.  Proceeds will be going towards Faith Refuge and local designers will have their furniture and accessories for sale.

Natalie Garcia, Newschannel 6