Winds Knock Down Power Lines & Cause Power Loss

Gusty winds, pouring rain and hail, that's what many Texomans saw early on Sunday.  Those strong winds caused power lines across the area to come down leaving many residents without any electricity.  Hundreds of people have been without power for at least 17 hours and the entire town of Archer City lost power, leaving the town looking like a ghost town.

The only light working for most of the day on Sunday in Archer City was the one propped up on a dresser.

"Looked at my clock, it's flashing to tell me my power has been off," said resident Marvin Henry.

Henry didn't even have to look outside to know what was going on.

"I heard hail hitting the top of the house, high winds," he said.

Lucky for him the wind did nothing to his property, but he took precautions and headed to the city for 20 pounds of ice.

"If the perishables in the refrigerator start to get warmer than I want then I will put it in the cooler and hopefully preserve it," said Henry.

It was 5pm in the morning for Travis Blair.

"I was just right in the middle of cooking breakfast," said Blair.  "All the power went off and the computer went down."

He had to shut down the store putting the business on hold, but it was like that everywhere throughout town, serene and calm; after the storm came through last night that knocked down tree limbs and power lines and even flattened the schools's ticket booth outside
the stadium.

Oncor officials says eight transmission structure poles and 50 wood poles were either knocked down or needed repairs.  The majority of that occurred off Highway 79.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.