Sheppard, Other U.S. Bases Up Security Level After bin Laden's Death

Due to Sunday night's killing of Osama bin Laden, U.S. military posts and bases around the country are on high alert in case there's any attempted retaliation.  The marquee at the main entrance gate of Sheppard Air Force Base announces the base has a "Real World FPCON Bravo."

According to Public Affairs Officer Mike McKito, FPCON stand for Force Protection Condition, a terrorist threat system overseen by the Department of Defense directive.  It describes the amount of measures needed to be taken by security agencies.

The Bravo status is one security level higher than FPCON Alpha, which is the level Sheppard AFB has on a regular basis.  FPCON Bravo describes a situation with somewhat predictable terrorist threat. Security measures taken by agency personnel may affect the activities of local law enforcement and the general public.

McKito says the Bravo status does entail a more detailed list of security actions, but that keeping those specifics unknown to the general public is part of the security's effectiveness.

There are two security levels higher than FPCON Bravo -- Charlie and Delta.  The "Real World" text on Sheppard's marquee simply means the FPCON status is not a drill; drills are fairly common on the base.