Veteran Calls Bin Laden's Death 'Feather in the Cap'

While the world continues buzzing over the death of Osama bin Laden, many who have already hung up their U.S. military uniforms for good are especially proud.

"Everybody had a common goal and they came together for it," said veteran employment representative Tim Shatto about the killing of Osama bin Laden.  He says he was elated when he first heard the news this morning.

"Probably rarely in our history has any one name been associated with such travesty and such a manhunt out there, so it was kind of like a feather in the cap," she said.

As a Marine, Shatto served twice in Iraq and returned from Afghanistan just last summer.  He also worked as a recruiter, and the terrorist leader was a common theme as to why many people joined during the last decade.

"We would ask the new troops coming in why they joined.  They wanted to get Osama bin Laden.  They wanted to get out there," Shatto said.

Overall, Shatto doesn't expect there to be a huge net change in military recruitment.  While some potential troops might be bolstered by a huge accomplished goal, repercussions are also likely for troops overseas.

"It's not over yet, and I don't think it will be over for a long time," he said.

Bin Laden's death is a testament to U.S. troops.  Shatto has kept in contact with some of his military colleagues, who recently returned to Afghanistan, and he admits, part of him wishes he were with them.

"I get goose bumps.  I wish I could be over in Afghanistan right now and I wish I could be back in that uniform and see the looks on the faces of those who have served our country," Shatto said.

He expects that the extremists in Afghanistan might be using different tactics with bin Laden dead.  Shatto says they might come together with more organization in their efforts against allied forces.