Muslim Leader's Reaction to Bin Laden Killed

Mosque Leader and Director of the Islamic Society in Wichita Falls Abdullah Shamsid-deen says the Islamic faith teaches that God is the source of life and death.  He says when the time comes for one's death, it cannot be delayed one second nor can it be advanced one second. Shamsid-deen says according to this it was Bin Laden's time. God had ordained it to happen.

Nearly 3,000 American citizens were killed in the September 11th attacks. As President Obama says, the worse scenes were the unseen; a family with an empty seat at a dinner table. Shamsid-deen says Osama Bin Laden was not a representative of Islam. He says the behavior of Muslims in America has demonstrated that this is not who they are. Muslims in America have not executed any terrorist acts in the U.S.

Shamsid-Deen says, "We see ourselves as legitimate citizens of this country, and we are concerned about this country. We love this country, and we will stand and defend this country just like any other American citizen".  He says one primary difference between the Islamic faith and the Christian and Jewish people is that they accept the Messenger or Prophet Mohammed after Jesus. Although the Koran book was revealed in Arabic language, Islam is not an Arabic religion. He says Islam is a universal religion for all people.

Shamsid-deen says the Islamic people knew that eventually some resolution had to come; either Osama Bin Laden being captured, being killed like he was, or die a natural death.  He says, "We welcome the news about the fate and the outcome of Osama Bin Laden. And I would like to thank and commend our military".

Shamsid-deen says some closure had to come, and he is grateful it did. He hopes we as American citizens can heal and put what happened on 9/11 behind us. He hopes this chapter closing takes the negative stigma off Islam.

According to the Islamic religion, once a person is dead, a body should be treated with respect and given to the person's family.  Or if the person is a leader like in this case, it should be turned in to his followers or community. This did not happen in Bin Laden's case; the U.S. military took his body and buried it at sea.

Jessica Abuchaibe, Newschannel 6.