Lockdown Lifted on Wichita County Jail Annex

Life is getting back to normal at the Sprague Jail Annex for Wichita County, one day after a lockdown at the facility.

Thursday morning, contraband was found. The jail was placed on lockdown and according to Sheriff David Duke, visitation was canceled for the evening.

The find came during a routine search. "During one of the routine shakedowns of one of the pods at the jail annex we recovered some contraband," said Duke. Once the discovery was made, officials decided to shake down the whole place.

Extra help was called in. "Our SWAT team was already active today for a couple drug raids we ran today. We went ahead and used those Deputies that were already out to help facilitate some of the searching with the additional Jail Workers in there, and with the 2nd shift, we called them in early," explained Duke.

Duke declined to say what was found, citing security risks. He said, though the stakes are high. "It would have been something that could have aided in an escape. That did not happen; we did not have an attempt or anything. In err of judgment; we wanted to search the entire facility."

Inmates were seen in the fenced in area outside the jail. A complete search and shake down was going on inside. Deputies were looking for anything that didn't belong. "That includes the inmates property, all the cells each one of them searched all of their property," he said.

Visitation resumed Friday. Visitation at the downtown jail was not affected.

Four inmates escaped from the Annex in August 2010 because of security issues.

Paul Harrop, Newschannel 6