Two Texomans Caught Growing Marijuana Plants

Police catches two people growing marijuana plants with three children in the home.

Wichita Falls police executed a search warrant in the 4200 block of Idlewood on April 26th. Police say they found 40 marijuana plants being grown inside and outside the house. Officers also found bongs, scales, baggies, and light fixtures used for growing indoor plants.

Police say there was even evidence that marijuana was being grown in the children's bedroom. Police say there was dried up pot on the bedroom floor.

When being interviewed, the oldest child referred to the plants as "smoke plants" and to admitted to watching people in the house using glass pipes tat made a lot of smoke. The oldest child said people would buy "smoke plants".

Lindsey Pare, 28, and Christopher Boree Sr., 28, are both charged with abandoning/endangering a child and possession of marijuana.