Four Oklahomans Charged For Beating, Tattooing Man

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) - Oklahoma County prosecutors have filed felony charges against four people who allegedly beat a man who has learning disabilities and tattooed the word "RAPEST" on his forehead.

Irving, Texas, resident Richard Dellert; Lorena Hodges of Oklahoma City and Midwest City residents Kimberly Kirchler and Zachary Provence were charged Thursday with kidnapping, assault and battery by means likely to cause death and maiming.

Assistant District Attorney Scott Rowland says the maiming count stems from the four allegedly holding down 18-year-old Stetson Johnson and forcibly tattooing him.

Prosecutors allege they confined Johnson at an Oklahoma City residence, tattooed the word, "RAPEST," on his forehead and beat him with a baseball bat at a Del City lake.

Hodges and Provence remained in jail Thursday.