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Fallen Officers' Service

This week marked a special memorial for the lives lost on 9/11, and today officers who have served Texoma keeping our communities safe were also honored. The 12th Annual Fallen Officers Memorial service was held today at the Wichita Falls James V. Allred prison.

More than 70 fallen officers from all over the US from as far back to the 1800s were honored today. Just this past year seven names were added to the memorial list.  Sheppard Air force Honor Guards presented and retired colors representing both the US and Texas flags. James V. Allred Unit Captain Major Harris tells us officers who weren't even on duty came out to commemorate the fallen officers.

Harris says, "It's a small thing we do to just show our thanks, and to honor those that have fallen and for those that are still doing this".  He says they designed a special saddle for the memorial; it symbolized the riderless horse in commemorating the fallen officers.  Harris says, "They had a table with an empty chair which symbolizes the officer that's passed; that's no longer there. The sword for unity; the flower for grieving".

Captain Harris has been working with Allred more than 10 years and has organized this event for these past four years.  Every year during the first week of May, Allred celebrates the officers that have passed and the officers that are currently still serving. 


Jessica Abuchaibe, Newschannel 6.

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