Texoma Teen Charged For Injuring A Three Month Old Child

An 18 year old is facing injury to a child charges.

Iowa Park police were dispatched to the 800 block of North Park on May 3rd. Police received a 911 call on a three month old child that was injured.

Bobby Stockinger told police that the child was crying in bed and he feared he may have picked her up wrong or too hard, because something snapped. Stockinger said he then took the child to a family member's room because he thought he hurt the baby's arm.

Police asked him to show them where the child's bed was. Stockinger led them to a garage with blankets and tarps hanging from the ceiling. Officers described the room as "very cold". Stockinger pulled back a blanket that revealed a baby bed.

The child was taken to United Regional. Hospital staff told police that the child's injury was consistent with the baby's arm being twisted.

Police also observed red marks on the baby's right arm and redness on the back of her neck.