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Teachers Get Lesson On Layoffs

Times are changing for more than 100 employees of the Wichita Falls ISD. Budget cuts have forced layoffs. Friday, those who are winding down the days to unemployment were empowered with a lesson on how to fare in the new reality.

Workforce Solutions held a workshop Friday evening to provide them with tools, knowledge and resources. " We're going to explain to people the unemployment process how to access it, the little intricacies that involve teachers in particular and just kind of show them how to navigate the system," said Bill Scantlin with Workforce Solutions. 

There are many options to those out of work. The workshop works to present all of them. "Anything that will allow that person to transition in and have some tools in the tool box that will help them go out and get a job much quicker than if they didn't have those tools," said Scantlin. 

About 20 people came to the workshop Friday. There are several more planned for those that could not make it. 

Paul Harrop, Newschannel 6

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