Texoma Mothers In The Workforce

This Mother's Day we are celebrating the women across Texoma who are raising our future leaders.

We all have women in our lives to thank, and most moms these days have full-time jobs too.

Ashley Fitzwater, who's also a mother of 2, spent time with two others just like her to focus on working mom's, and to see how they really get it all done.

When it comes to the bests thing in life, no doubt for mother of two, Alicia Perez it's all about 10 year old Kelly and 9 year old Ivan.

And for Crystal Johnson, It's little Savannah that lights up her world.

These two mom's are devoted Texoma mothers but mother hood is not their only hat.

When the alarm goes off at the Perez household at 6:30a.m. The day is in full swing.

Time to get the kids dressed, breakfast on the table and head out the door for school.

It's not to much later things are also stirring at the Johnson household. Everyone rushing to get ready before they have to be at work at 8:00a.m.

The Newschannel 6 parking lot is where Alicia starts her work day as a Telemundo Events Coordinator.

For Crystal it's double duty, working for more than 10 years at both a geology company and an oil & gas operating company. Thankfully it's all done from one desk.

Unlike most employees, when Crystal & Alicia leave their jobs and call it a day, it's time for another job to start.

This one is perhaps the most rewarding, and the most important.

"My kiddos are the most awesome blessing that I have.They really are the best thing that ever happened to me and will ever happen to me." said Alicia Perez.

"The best part about being a mom is having a little "mini-me" just hanging out with me 24/7 and we like doing what each other likes to do, just hanging out all of the time, she's fun she carry's on conversations she is just like a really good friend to hang out with." said Crystal Johnson.

As with any job, one you love or simply do for a paycheck, it can also be tough at times.

Which is why we wanted to know who helps these women get through day to day.

Alicia says for her it's her sister and Momma Lois.

For Crystal it's her husband, Jeremy, her mother and mother in law, and her sisters.

So this Mother's Day we want to say thanks to all of the moms and leave you with a little advice from two of Texoma's own.

Alicia said her best advice is to "Surround yourself with good people, and have faith."

"Make every moment count because it goes by fast." said Crystal Johnson.

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