Mom Caves: Texoma Mothers Taking Time For Self Care

For many mom's mother hood is the most rewarding job in the world, but it can also be one of the hardest!

So whether you're a working mom or a stay at home mom, you're not alone. So we are taking a look at a few quick and easy things mom's can do to escape from it all. Even if it's just for a few minutes.

Cindy Varney is military wife, and a new mom. Her sweet baby girl, Grace, is 6 months old and no doubt her pride and joy!

And as a stay at home mom, Cindy counts her blessings.

"I get to see every little moment , hear her first words and its just so fascinating that she is a part of me and her dad. I get to watch her grow up and not feel like I am missing any of that."

But it's not all playtime, as mothers know all to well, being a stay at home mom is a full time job!

That starts bright and early around 7 am everyday for Cindy.

Once the family is up it's time for breakfast and mommy daughter play time... but come Grace's morning nap time, Cindy has already learned that's when it time for her to replenish!

"When she is down I try and do whatever makes me feel happy in the morning whether that's reading or cleaning."

Something mother of two and Psychological Intern at Tea ft Counseling Center, Vanessa Kincheloe, says is a must for every mom.

"When you have kids. it is about your kids. However if I run myself to the point where I can no longer care from them the way they are accustomed to or the way I am used to. Somebody is going to be left feeling bad. And I am guilty of it. I have had to stop and re evaluate and say ok that's not working. We have to re evaluate how to do that and I think in the long run my kids will appreciate that."

Vanessa says the first step is to admit something few ever do. Parenting is hard!

She says to also recognize that we are only human.

"I think part of it is that we compare ourselves to other mom's. She never looks like she has a bad day but trust me she does. I don't care who you are if you have a nanny or a governess or Mary Poppins. You're going to have a bad day as a parent." said Vanessa.

So if you need a time out, take it.

"Something as simple as when you put on lotion thanking yourself for the ability to put lotion on so you can give your kids hugs when they need them.Things like that. The smallest things they work tremendously when it comes to self care.Sometimes we think I don't have an hour to take for myself. We don't always need and hour in that big block of space sometimes 20 sec here 30 sec there."

And doing these things are even more important for stay at home mom's. Something Cindy has already picked up on.

Cindy said " I think it's more of a challenge when you are a stay at home mom because you have to find that socialization.Where as when you have a job you are around people. And if you are not careful as a stay at home mom you isolate yourself it's just you or your child or children. So on top of taking care of them I think it's vital to find that socialization."

So for Cindy she gets involved in softball and her church home. Where Cindy and her husband lead the Couples Ministry and are also the Youth Pastors.

As a military wife, Cindy says she has also had to learn how to find a good support system, and find at least one or two people she can trust with her little girl.

Cindy says with all of those things working together, it allows her to be the best mom she can be for little Grace.

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